Authentic Texas Flavors,
Stockyards Style

With two original on-site dining options, we invite guests to experience genuine hospitality and the bold flavors of today’s Texas. Choose from our signature restaurant, 97 West or the Lobby Bar for inspired cocktails and lively conversation
Down Arrow
97 West
Hotel Drover’s Signature Chef-Driven Restaurant
As Fort Worth evolved from frontier outpost to livestock industry hub, its position on the 97º West meridian became a beacon for adventurous souls seeking freedom and opportunity in the Wild West. At 97 West we invoke that same spirit of adventure into our culinary practice, adding a sense of play and innovation and experimentation to the classic dishes of our Texas heritage, as interpreted by award-winning Executive Chef Jenna Kinard.
As a born and raised Texas native, executive chef Jenna Kinard brings an inventive approach to classic Texas style cuisine, elevating ranch classics and reimagining southern comfort foods through a multi-faceted approach. Kinard taps an array of techniques in her kitchen ranging from open-flame, rustic cooking to the latest in modern culinary dramatics. Join her on a true adventure in communal dining as she takes on the spirit of the drover, bringing an expanded world of flavor and experience home to her beloved Fort Worth.

Located in the center of it all, our Lobby Bar is a place to
gather ‘round, meet up with friends and grab a drink along
with some spirited conversation.
Lobby Bar
Always fill your glass to the brim.
- Anonymous cowboy