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Fort Worth is a sprawling city with an urban downtown and a fast-growing suburban neighborhood. When it comes to seeking a romantic vacation, Fort Worth beckons with activities if you are after love. From romantic restaurants, to the city’s diverse culture and outdoor attractions, to world-class shopping in the Fort Worth Stockyards, the city is home to endless romantic activities to enjoy with your significant other. Let the Hotel Drover be your tour guide to unravel all of its romantic secrets.

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Japanese Garden

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden is one of the many cultural and historical treasures of Fort Worth. With green meandering paths and peaceful ponds, the Fort Worth Japanese Garden is a popular destination to sit, talk and relax in serenity with your significant other. Photo opportunities exist throughout the garden with its ever-changing and brilliant colors that recreate the sensational gardens of Japan. Experience a romantic and intimate vacation with this on your list.

Distance from Hotel Drover: 4.7 miles

Fort Worth Water Gardens

With aquatic features galore, the Fort Worth Water Gardens are a fun and relaxing way to enjoy an urban oasis all year long. And the best part, they’re free to visit. You can stroll the park’s pathways and gaze into the many water features, all near Sundance Square. Over 4.3 acres of flowing water features create a breezy escape from the surrounding urban shallows. Don’t forget to make your way to The Quiet Pool, surrounded by cypress trees and tucked below ground, hidden by natural land walls. Visit one of Fort Worth’s best-kept secrets. 

Distance from Hotel Drover: 3.8 miles

Caterina's Ristorante

Caterina’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards offers a truly intimate dining experience. The restaurant is filled with obscurely soft, dim lighting, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for couples. It’s renowned for its inviting ambiance, exceptional cuisine, and a menu that features a mix of classic Italian dishes and locally inspired creations. Please note that to enhance the ambiance, men are kindly asked to wear jackets. For an uninterrupted and immersive dining experience, Caterina’s embraces a cell-free ambiance. This policy is in place to ensure you can fully relish the exceptional cuisine, absorb the inviting atmosphere, and wholeheartedly connect with your dining companions.

Distance from Hotel Drover: 350 feet

Kimbell Art Museum

The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas is worthy of a day trip where time can quickly pass. Immerse yourself in the beautiful display of art sculptures, architecture, and private collections from all over the word. An amalgamation of old and new art collections allow visitors to step into the past and explore the timeline of art history. Take some time to wander and admire the beautiful grounds of the property where you might see a sculpture or two!

Distance from Hotel Drover: 4.6 miles

Cowtown Winery

With just the right mix of Texas hospitality, Cowtown Winery has been a popular favorite in the Fort Worth Stockyards for over a decade. It’s an opportunity to sit, relax, and kick back those cowboy boots while sipping on carefully curated wines from California-sourced grapes, making for the perfect couple’s vacation. Tour the winery and take part in a blending class to create your own bottle of wine just how you like it. 

Distance from Hotel Drover: 300 feet

Reata Restaurant

As the old legend goes, Reata Restaurant started when a hungry West Texas rancher had a hankerin’ for some really great food. Saddle up those taste buds in a romantic setting in the middle of Sundance Square. Overlooking Downtown Fort Worth, savor Texas-style cuisine including tenderloin tamales and blackened buffalo ribeyes. No matter the occasion, this rooftop restaurant’s casual elegance makes it a must-stop adventure for couples in search of a delicious meal or well-crafted cocktails.

Distance from Hotel Drover: 2.9 miles